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How Can we solve your problem?

Helping find solutions is my Nindo. That is my Ninja Way!

Do you need solutions to any of the following obstacles?



-UV/Sun Fading



-Adding design flare

-Stopping Germs

If you are having one, two or five of these dilemmas we can happily find a solution for you today! With Ninja wisdom we know the perfect product that will safely increase your quality of living. We spend so much time at home or in the office. Why not make an investment in those spaces to be as safe, comfortable and stylized as we can?


With films that can cut down 80%-92% of the heat, this one is a major Ninja knockout!


 Sitting at your desk or watching TV? Having trouble seeing because of the sun? We can help!

uv/sun fading

New furniture or flooring? Worried about the sun damage? Give us a call!


New neighbors a little nosy? Want to stop people from seeing inside your space? We would too! Let us add Ninja protection.


We have specialized security films

to stop any rival Ninjas from entering your home or business. 

Design and signage

We can bring any idea you have to life! Need signage or custom cut decals? Give us a call!


This is a solution we assassinate with the strength of RX surface protection film. RX is a surface protection film with a layer of silver ion built in to stop the growth of germs and microbes.



With thousands of decorative films to choose from we can help you find the perfect fit!



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